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Biker Trucker Wallets with Chains in Cowhide Leather

Recently, biker wallets have grown to become a must-have piece of art. Classic men’s wallets are long gone, dead and buried. Chain wallets or trucker wallets made of leather and featuring stainless steel or silver chains have replaced them.

These modern wallets are not only gorgeous replicas of the old wallets used by bikers in the 60's and 70’s but they are also practical. They help you, as a biker, stay in full control of how you use your wallet, and keep it safely attached so it isn’t bouncing down the road in your rear view mirror. They come in numerous sizes, shapes and design, to complement a wide variety of tastes.


What is a Biker Wallet?

Biker wallets are leather wallets that feature either a tri-fold or a double-fold design. They are usually made of high-quality leather and have stainless steel chains attached. They have a rugged design and last for years.

Also known as trucker wallets, these modern wallets have the capacity to send a clear message to any foes a biker might have. They represent the unique personality of each biker and allow him to send a message of power and superiority.

Expect these wallets to come with numerous slots for bills, change, credit cards. Also expect to find a chain attached to the wallet, with the other end fastened to a belt. You can connect the wallet to your belt or to your jeans to ensure no one will ever be able to steal it from your pocket.

Regular biker wallets are specially designed to accommodate medium-sized bills. This means that you can use one no matter what country you're in. This powerful accessory can accommodate your currency.


What Makes Biker Wallets with Chains Unique?

Biker wallets are different than mass production wallets. They come with an individual style that matches the unique style of 21st century bikers. These wallets usually feature strong images or tattoos of skulls, totem animals, crosses, or other subculture aspects.

Other things featured on these wallets include crocodile heads, Texas stars, Indian skulls, scorpions, Texas longhorns, lone wolfs, or even eagle feathers. You can find all the above in our collection of biker wallets. Of course, you can also find plain design or minimalist chain wallets to match your style.

To apply the artwork, manufacturers use different techniques, from embossing and carving to pyrography or sewing. They can also use embroidery to decorate a wallet with stainless steel or silver rivets, buckles, fasteners or appliques.

Another aspect that makes biker wallets with chains unique on the market is the fact that they use the highest quality of materials. They are usually made of high-quality, original leather that comes from snakes, crocodiles or stingrays. Plainer models consist of lamb or cow leather. In addition to being durable, this type of leather has its own natural pattern and enable the wallet to maintain its integrity and attractive appearance.

To make the wallet as resistant as possible, manufacturers process the leather in several stages. In the first stage, they impregnate the leather with certain chemicals to maintain its integrity and structure over time. Next, they imbue certain substances to give the leather flexibility and make it malleable.

Next, they apply the color using modern dying techniques. Ultimately, they cover the wallet with varnish to protect it from moisture and enable the color to last long in time.

As a rule of thumb, a biker wallet is handmade. Professional craftsmen who have learned their skills from their ancestors craft these modern wallets. This ensures quality at every stage of production.

You can rest assured that all the trucker wallets you find on our site are genuine leather and made by professional craftsmen. These are all genuine cowhide leather wallets designed to last for decades and to help you keep your money safe, especially when traveling in another state or another country.


Main Reasons to Buy Biker Wallets with Chains

Here are the main reasons you should invest in a rugged biker trucker wallet with chains today:


  • A stylish way to store your credit cards and money during your trips
  • A compact type of wallet that can fit comfortably in any of your pant pockets, or even in your jacket
  • Allows you to add a sense of fashion and complement your style
  • Enjoy a high-quality product that can last for decades
  • Completely handmade by professionals
  • All safety and quality standards are respected, at each stage of the production process
  • It is way more secure than regular wallets thanks to the chain attached to the belt.
  • Get the peace of mind that no one will steal your wallet
  • Stand out of the crowd wearing one of these badass accessories
  • Add a custom wallet chain for an even more distinct look
  • You can choose from dozens of models of biker wallets made from cowhide leather available on our site
  • Buy a personalized, hand-made wallet that complements your other accessories. This gives you more self-confidence and a heightened sense of self-worth
  • Use the wallet in any country of the world to store your change and billfolds


Tips on Choosing the Right Biker Wallet for you

Here are some features to look at when buying your next biker wallet:


  • Can easily fit into your pocket: look for a reliable wallet that can fit into your pockets. Whether it is your jacket pocket or your jeans back pocket, make sure to look at the measurements before buying it.
  • Make sure you like the chain: each biker chain on our site has a different type of chain attached. Make sure you like how the chain looks and that it fits your style.  We also offer a line of wallet accessories.
  • Choose a wallet that makes a statement: a wallet that fits your style will enable you to send a statement of raw power. You want others to respect you, and a wallet with a powerful symbol or strong motives will help you achieve that. For example, if you have a scorpion tattoo, you could buy this wallet: and complement your style.

Buy one of the biker wallets available on our site and take your riding experience to a whole new level.

*NOTE - These are genuine cowhide leather products.  While the images we provide on Rear Tone are a near exact match representation of the wallets, there may be some very slight color variations given your monitor hue as well as the leather tanning process.

Skull Concho Leather Wallet
Skull Concho Leather Wallet
Skull Concho Leather Wallet
$119.95 $89.9525% Off!
Traditional Leather Biker Wallet
Traditional Leather Biker Wallet
Traditional Leather Biker Wallet
Heavy Thick Handmade Leather Wallet
Heavy Thick Handmade Leather Wallet
Heavy Thick Handmade Leather Wallet
$149.95 $99.9533% Off!
Simple Men's Leather Wallet
Simple Men's Leather Wallet
Simple Men's Leather Wallet
Western Style Leather Biker Wallet
Western Style Leather Biker Wallet
Western Style Leather Biker Wallet
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Cross Pattern Men's Wallet
Cross Pattern Men's Wallet
Cross Pattern Men's Wallet