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Uncommon Silver Rings for Men and Women

Uncommon Silver Rings for Men and Women

Uncommon Silver Rings for Men and Women

Silver is making a big comeback over the once-popular chunky gold pieces. Silver is versatile, sleek, and stylish. And best of all, silver is sturdy and affordable, making it ideal all around for everyday wear without the hassle of traditional gold jewelry. 

Silver rings are a bold and brash way to express one's self. Silver rings for men, especially skull rings, are a distinctive style all their own and are favored by celebrity musicians like Keith Richards, Steven Tyler, Billy Idol, and Alice Cooper.

In this silver rings guide, well explore some uncommon styles of silver rings for men and women. Keep reading to discover more about the best silver rings for you.

Silver Rings for Men

Skull clothing and accessories have had a lasting impact in modern and bygone cultures.

A modern symbol of anarchy, rebellion, and toughness. Skulls have also been symbols of power, spirituality, fearlessness, luck, death, and rebirth for centuries, dating back to the ancient Aztecs.

Rulers, pirates, and conquerors have left their marks behind in history with their iconic skull jewelry.

But skulls are not the only symbols of power, prosperity, and masculinity. Certain animals, mechanical parts, tools, insects, and serpents have all been linked to prominent male traits.

No two men are the same, so no one style of rings should be either. Here are some uncommon silver rings for men.

Steel Wrench Ring

For the motorhead or mechanic, this basic but clever Steel Wrench Ring design ring is available in Stainless Steel Silver, Black, and Gold. A continuous band wraps around the finger with a small gap between. Made to resemble a wrench head on one end and a bolt on the other. 

This ring retails for $24.95 with free shipping.

Steel Dragon Talon Claw Ring

The perfect accessory to signify the beast inside of you. This sturdy Steel Dragon Talon Claw ring is made to look just like a dragon claw wrapped around your finger. Adjustable one size fit for unisex wear in Silver and Gold. 

This ring is only $21.95 with free shipping.

Steel Cobra Snake Ring

Cobras have long been associated with deadliness and quickness due to their nature of attacking as soon as they feel threatened. If you're the same way, then this Steel Cobra Snake ring's just the thing for you. Made of Stainless Steel, this vividly detailed item features a coiled cobra ready to strike, holding either a black or red orb in its mouth, with Fleur de Lis accents.

Just $29.95 with free shipping.

Beauty and the Beast Silver Biker Ring

Our Beauty and the Beast Silver Bike ring is a real stunner. A combination of half of a woman's face melded with a traditional Mexican sugar skull design. Fine detailing with gold and rose gold color make this large ring an eye-catching work of art.

This is a limited-time design in 100% 925 silver.

Even at $99.95, this is a steal. Includes free shipping too. 

Walking Evil Skull Ring

Strike fear into the hearts of those who dare to cross you with this large, chunky Walking Evil Skull Ring. Made of Stainless Steel, this ring is certain to make a statement with its defined features. Available in Black, Blue, Stainless, Multicolored, and Gold. 

This ring is $24.95 for Stainless, Blue, Black, and Multicolored variations. $29.95 for Gold. 

Steel Luminous Skull Ring

A fun take on skull rings. This polished Steel Luminous Skull Ring is available in Silver and Gold. A ring of skulls lines the inner part of the Sterling Silver-designed band that glows in the dark. 

This ring is $21.95 and ships for free. Can also be worn by women.

Silver Rings for Women

For the ladies, skull rings can be a fashion statement that is unmistakably feisty and fearless. Here are some of our favorite silver rings for women. 

Floral Skull Engagement Ring

Make your engagement ring stand out from the crowd with this striking Floral Skull Engagement Ring that seamlessly blends beauty and boldness. A flourish of flowers surrounds a decorative skull on each side. In the silver finish, this ring offers a unique two-tone design.

  • Accented with Cubic Zirconia stones
  • Made from Sterling Silver
  • Available in Silver, Gold, or Copper finish

This ring is $29.95 with free shipping.

Big Funky Engagement Ring

If you're looking to go even bigger and bolder for your engagement ring, this is the ring for you. Available in 4 different finishes: Silver, Rose Gold, Gold, and Black, this Big Funky Engagement Ring has intricate details. A large solitaire CZ stone sits atop with a modern skull on either side and smaller CZ stone accents throughout.

This ring is $39.95 with free shipping. 

Butterfly Skull Engagement Ring

Simple but colorful, this Butterfly Skull Engagement Ring features a silver skull in the middle with a butterfly wing at each side. Made of copper. Black and purple Cubic Zirconia stones adorn the wings. 

This ring is $21.95 with free shipping.

Euro Style Skull Ladies Engagement Ring

This Euro Style Skull Engagement ring incorporates Gothic skull elements into a design that is edgy and sophisticated. A solitaire CZ stone is set amidst a two-tone silver and gunmetal grey band with accompanying skulls.

A choice of a wide array of colors for the main and accent stones makes this a customizable and artistic piece. 

This ring is priced at $34.95 and ships for free.

Punk Vintage Skull Engagement Ring

A punk rock vibe radiates through this Punk Vintage Skull Engagement ring. Black skulls with CZ eyes nestle on each side of a single CZ stone with star details surrounding the stone setting. 

This ring is $29.95 with free shipping.

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