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Beard Products That Are Essential for Winter

Beard Products That Are Essential for Winter

Beard Products That Are Essential for Winter

Throughout the centuries, beards have been a symbol of masculinity and strength. Not only do they look great, but beards are very functional in cold weather. Like neck and face warmers, they act as heat insulators and keep you from freezing during the winter. 

If you're wondering what you can do to keep your beard thick and looking alive, then you have come to the right place. Read on to discover what are the best beard products for men in winter. 

Winter Beard Oil 

This one should be a no-brainer. Yet, many men are lazy and don't condition their beards with the essential oils needed for their beards to thrive. According to Men's Health magazine, the best beard oil for men is Percy Nobleman Signature Scented Beard Oil. 

Of course, different beard oils have different purposes. Some are specifically designed to add shine, others are meant for softening texture, and finally, some beard oils were even developed to detangle beards. With all of these different options to choose from, it can be hard to single out the best beard oil. 

However, with the winter season now officially upon us, the most logical decision for us is to choose a beard oil designed for winter. Some websites rated Don Juan Craftsman Beard Oil as a very good winter choice for beard oils. The point is, beard oils designed for winter use are a must. 

Quality Brush 

Most men overlook the importance of purchasing a high-quality brush for their beards. Unfortunately, your 99-cent beard brush from Dollar Tree won't cut it. Grooming your luscious beard with a low-quality brush will result in a low-quality beard. 

If you're wondering how often you should brush your beard, the answer is once per day. Brushing your beard too often can result in the removal of the skin's natural and essential oils. It may also pull out hairs with damaged follicles—which will leave your beard with gaping holes and not looking as full as it could. 

A high-quality brush or comb for your beard is something that every man must have to keep their beard healthy and in check this winter. 

Beard Shampoo

Are you washing your beard with a shampoo meant for hair care? If so, then you're going about this all wrong. Shampoo that is designed for the hair on the top of your head should not ever be used for your beard care.

The reason is that the skin on your face is much softer than the skin on your scalp. Shapoos specifically designed for your beard will generally be much softer than those meant for your hair. If you use shampoo meant for your hair to your beard just to save money, you're doing so at the expense of your beard. 

No man wants to leave his beard looking dried up and sad. In order to keep yours looking healthy and fresh, find a good winter shampoo before they all run out!

Beard Balm/Moisturizer 

Don't rely on your skin's natural oils alone to keep your beard hydrated and healthy. Though they are necessary, they will not suffice when it comes to having the best-looking beard possible. For this reason, you should obtain a good winter beard balm as soon as possible. 

Similar to all of the other winter beard products mentioned, there are a plethora of options when it comes to moisturizers for your beard. With this in mind, however, it's hard to dispute the following moisturizers recommended by Bearaholic: 

  • Beardaholic Balm 
  • Honest Amish
  • Clubman
  • Wahl
  • Bluebeards

Each of these beard moisturizers serves to give you the thickest, healthiest beard possible. Additionally, they have all been tested on thousands of men and have been proven to increase beard texture. This winter, pick one of these up today and get prepared for the cold weather. 


When it comes to keeping beards in check, there are two kinds of men. The first group is the one that says, "I'll let the barber take care of that." The second group is the one that knows the importance of home maintenance. 

Most likely, the first group of men mentioned will not own a pair of scissors designed uniquely for beard care. Instead, they will wait until they have to go to a professional to get their beards trimmed and fixed up. 

We know that you are not that kind of man. 

Instead, if you're here, you are part of the second group of men—the kind that does not put all their hope and trust in the barber. Sure, a professional knows how to get your beard looking fantastic; but nobody visits the barber every day. Taking care of your beard at home is one very important aspect of keeping your beard looking its best every single day. 

Where to Buy Beard Products

Thankfully, beard products can be purchased almost anywhere. You can find them at your local Walmart, Target, or another big-name store. However, you most likely won't find the top-notch products at these places. 

Rear Tone, on the other hand, is not like these stores. Rear Tone sells products designed for men and women who are adventurous—mainly the biker type. Besides providing all kinds of tough-looking products like leather jackets, wallets, and hair clips, they also have a section for beard products. 

If you would like to purchase quality beard products of your own or read more helpful information, head to their website today and see everything that they have to offer. You won't be disappointed!